Laila Zemrani is the Co-founder and CEO of Fitnescity, a company that aims at empowering people to learn more about their wellness. Fitnescity offers fitness and wellness tests that enable anyone to uncover data about their own wellness. Laila was named a Legatum fellow in Entrepreneurial Leadership and a MasterCard Foundation fellow at MIT. She is a frequent speaker on the topic of personalized wellness and self-collected data. Her work in the field of the Quantified Self and self-experimentation has appeared in numerous media outlets and venues such as Stanford Medicine X, MIT, NYU, Harvard, Future Healthcare Week and HyperWellbeing. Prior to Fitnescity, she was a founding employee at Dataxis, a global data analysis firm. Laila has an MBA from MIT Sloan. As an undergraduate, she studied engineering and management at Télécom ParisTech.